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We build e-commerce websites and design web apps for businesses.

Using the robust e-commerce features of Magento, we created’s modern e-commerce solution featuring not only metal detectors for sale, but also comprehensive learning library for metal detector enthusiasts worldwide.

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“Great companies understand the power design has on their ability to thrive — and they make sure to get it right the first time. We’ve trusted Humming Ray to create designs that count. Time and time again, both for our clients, and for ourselves.”

Clark Valberg, CEO, InVision

Peet’s Coffee and Tea

Peet’s Coffee & Tea came to us to help design improvements to their existing e-commerce product subscription workflow and checkout pages. As Peet’s expanded to provide mobile-targeted e-commerce site, we were once again enlisted, to help design their mobile visual systems.

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“A true innovator, Humming Ray’s work is characterized by deep thinking, thorough process and flawless execution.”

Rob LaFave, CEO, Foodzie (now Joyus)


Clean and responsive theme with simplified design guide for Kill Cliff, a nutritional lifestyle products popular within the CrossFit community.

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“Humming Ray is what I consider a complete design studio. They not only deliver with the utmost professionalism, but are partners on every project and is committed to its success.”

Udi Shamay, Director of Professional Services, Magento (now eBay)

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